Activism: Strategies, Ideas, Collaboration

I would like to use Disroot for the purpose of organizing and collaborating on a world scale. For example, wouldn’t it be great if we could organize a worldwide strike/protest with one demand: Restructure all governments from vertical to horizontal (Horizontal Government - The Conscious Solution to End Corruption in 2021 - YouTube). This would eliminate politicians and lobbyists/bribes. Please watch the 7 minute explanatory animation.

To give you an idea where I am coming from watch this: The Reality Behind Conspiracy Theories and Domestic Terrorism (A Canadian Patriot Documentary).

Hey buddy. Your idea is good, but not everyone may have the motivation to implement it. Even when I proposed my financial idea for financial independence, someone wrote to me in private messages that “spam is prohibited here” and “I tagged you”. Why? Where is spam? I just stated a couple of words of my initiative, without advertising, without promotions. And this is my answer.

I think this is a good idea, i may be willing to collab on something.