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I would like to use Disroot for the purpose of organizing and collaborating on a world scale. For example, wouldn’t it be great if we could organize a worldwide strike/protest with one demand: Restructure all governments from vertical to horizontal (Horizontal Government - The Conscious Solution to End Corruption in 2021 - YouTube). This would eliminate politicians and lobbyists/bribes. Please watch the 7 minute explanatory animation.

To give you an idea where I am coming from watch this: The Reality Behind Conspiracy Theories and Domestic Terrorism (A Canadian Patriot Documentary).

Hey buddy. Your idea is good, but not everyone may have the motivation to implement it. Even when I proposed my financial idea for financial independence, someone wrote to me in private messages that “spam is prohibited here” and “I tagged you”. Why? Where is spam? I just stated a couple of words of my initiative, without advertising, without promotions. And this is my answer.

I think this is a good idea, i may be willing to collab on something.


First Edition June 18, 2022

Vilcabamba is a very special pueblo in the south of Ecuador. Semi-tropical with year round spring like weather in the Andes Mountains. What makes it particularly special is the people.

In Vilcabamba it hardly matters what anyone wears, everything seems acceptable except nudity, as it is offensive for the local Ecuadorian.

Of course, most of us try to look as presentable as we can and there are many exquisitely dressed people here and there.

As well as people who have no pretentions and only wish to dress comfortably.

It’s easy to surrender to the mountains that surround us. As we play out our lives in this natural paradise.

Where all is not perfect, but more like a microcosm of everything. We are in a pandemic that is worldwide. I am not speaking of covid 19. The pandemic is mental illness, narcissistic personality disorder is rampant. From the top to the bottom.

It is the arrogant verses the humble. While on the relative scale all are different, on the absolute scale all are equal. It is the absolute scale that is primary.

The narcissist ignores the absolute scale. “The humble shall inherit the Earth.” Let’s hope so.

Ecuador is corrupt like everywhere. But we hope to overcome it. Right now there is a nation wide strike. Transportation is stopped. The indigenous are leading the way.

We hope that they will demand restructuring government from vertical to horizontal which is virtually incorruptible: Horizontal Government - The Conscious Solution to End Corruption in 2021 - YouTube
Our hope lies in the belief that Love conquers All. For one can never know what makes anyone act devoid of love. It could include the trauma that all must experience growing up in toxic cultures. The patterns that persist due to the constant propaganda and misinformation that has created many false beliefs.

With this in mind, one might consider never attaching to beliefs, but to always remain open to a more comprehensive and accurate understanding.

The reality we share, is open to interpretation. Those who claim to know the “truth” are only signaling a certain arrogance and close-mindedness.

Our world is uncertain, tenuous, and full of surprises. No one can know for sure what is coming next. Beliefs give one a false sense of grounding.

Perhaps it is better to believe in principles like virtue, honesty, authenticity, personal integrity, kindness, and humility.

My belief, which is not a fact, is that we are all embodiments of love and that all we have to do is to remove whatever may be blocking us from always coming from love, from being love.

Someday soon, I hope Vilcabamba will be known as the Valley of Loving Kindness.

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