One thing I really liked from Hotmail was the possibility of using real alias (not those crappy pseudoalias of Gmail) for registrations, online shops, etc, and wipe them out when they became a “repository” of spam.
Is it possible to create some disposable alias in Disroot, and if yes, are they totally functional (receive and send)? It’s rather inutile to have half functional alias if you need to respond to some online commerce and you have to do it from your real account because you can only use your alias to receive, like happened in Openmailbox.

Thanks. Best regards and whishes.

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Sorry for insisting. Maybe my question was so silly and obvious that nobody thinks it deserves an answer. But I swear for the life of me that I’ve been looking everywhere and haven’t found how to use alias for my email. I’m not asking without having even spent some time trying to familiarize with Disroot’s mail’s options. Is it that thing called “Identities”? I don’t think so, but it’s the most related thing I can see.
Or the matter is that alias are not an available feature? If this is the case, please, confirm it so there’s no doubt left; I don’t think it’s such a hard work, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


As we keep stating on numerous occasions on all the social medias, emails and the most recent post on the website It is a work in progress. We will announce it once it’s out there.

it is.

Ok. I can rest my mind now, xD
Thanks, for you clarifying response. Great to know this feature is something you have in your ToDo list.

Sorry if I should have seen that post you mention before, but when I came to this forum and searched the FAQ, where I expected to find some info, I didn’t found anything related either. Neither in the mail app help. Perhaps some link in the FAQ/help pages to those relevant and explaining posts would be helpful, especially for newcomers like me. If not, I’m afraid I’m not going to be the unique that bothers you with questions that have been already discussed. :expressionless:

it is.

You have probably misunderstood what I meant. I didn’t meant that implementing alias for the mail were an easy task, I meant that answering my question didn’t seem like a hard work.

Anyway, thanks for your answer, your time and you work. I hope to be able to test a full featured email service in the future and start contributing with some donations and translations.


You’re definatelly right. After first wave of questions regarding alias feature, we should have put it in FAQ to avoid constant questions.
Sorry if I seemed annoyed by your question.

We will provide some extra information regarding the Alias this week in monthly announcement were we present recent developements and changes.

No apologies. I participate from time to time in some FLOSS related forums and Telegram groups and know how annoying and time consuming can be sometimes that people keeps asking the very same questions that have already been discussed a dozen times, hehe. Yes, a good visibility for those posts about basic and demanded subjects is a good measure to reduce, at least a bit, repetitive questions.

Bedankt for all your kind explanations.

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