Allow resizing login wizard on android / firefox

I have just joined this awesome service, and during my first login process, I had to select the challenge questions.
I was doing this on my Android Phone using Firefox 63.0.
During the selection of the questions and answers, the response was very slow (maybe due to the validation going on in the background?) and it wasn’t obvious that I had to wait once I had selected something before I could start typing an answer.

Secondly, both on this screen and the “success” screen don’t fit in the window, and I can’t “pinch to zoom” for some reason.

I know this will be low priority, but just letting you know!


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It works well on the Disroot app! Available through F-Droid.

I had problems too, I’m pretty sure I was in the Disroot app - I started the sign-up process in it. It eventually worked for moi tho. :wink: