Android Nextcloud Disroot Calendar

I’m a little lost on how to view and manage my Calendar in the Disroot cloud through the Nextcloud app of Android, and I thought maybe you could give me a hand…
Thank you in advance!!!

I don’t think the Android app has the ability to show any of the plugin stuff. There’s a separate app for News, and another for Notes, but no Calendar. I’d recommend installing DAVDroid (it’s available on F-Droid too), it will let you sync any DAV hosted calendars and contacts for use in whatever calendar/contact apps you use on Android already :+1:

Edit: forgot to mention that the DAV URL you need is exposed in the calendar page on in ☰ → settings & import

Edit2: The NextCloud app for Android actually has an easy setup button for DAVDroid so that you don’t need to manually get the URL. I guess it probably points you to downloading DAVDroid if you haven’t already (I think they put a small price on the gPlay store, but it’s free on F-Droid)

@Distalko Good place to check is
All the needed information as to how to sync stuff to your device and more should be there.

Thank you for the clarifications! I have perfectly synchronized the Disroot Calendar with the native Calendar app!!! :grinning: