Any app for distalk for android?


I wonder if there is any App, or a project, to have Distalk in android…?
I tried Discourse app, but it is only a web page in browser, optimized for mobile.

As far as I know, there is nothing else currently then Discourse app. I haven’t play with it much as it requires Chrome (which I dont have on my phone) but from what I saw it might be a nice solution for people who participate in more then one forum running on discourse. Even though it’s just a wrapper (discourse nativly renders very nice in any mobile browser btw) it’s also a nice place holder on your app grid on the phone, plus it gives you a notifications on all unread posts. I’m not sure whether or not push notifications are supported on our instance when using discourse app. All in all imo discourse renders very good on mobile, and getting notifications via email solves the issue of push, so no mobile app is really required. For others discourse app (if it does notify you of new messages) should be pretty sufficient solution also.

I’m not using distalk by e-mail that much, so when i’m not at a desktop, i use the mobile version, with discourse app.
But distalk is not able to support push notifications (at least i don’t get any) so i end up using a browser.
thanks anyway!