any chance of integrating Disroot with cryptpad (text, spreadsheets)??

an ecosystem with text editor and spreadsheet would be paradise. The it’s very interesting


Few weeks ago we have run a poll where we asked the community which services they would like to see on disroot. Cryptpad has won. \o/

Until now we have been waiting for new server that we deployed last weekend, and we are now migrating some services to it in order to even out the general load. Once this operation is done, we will start working on deploying cryptpad. I won’t give ETA because I’m always over positive and tend to give un-realistic estimates, but I hope we can have it up and running after summer.

heh and i did probably over estimated :stuck_out_tongue:
Lets say its on our todo list the moment we have some breathing time to deploy it.


Is cryptpad like etherpad in the sense that anyone with the link can use the “pad” (i.e. with someone potentially guessing links automatically)? Or can it enforce authentication/authorization before one can use the file?

It does authentication yes.

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