Anyone heard of Twister?

So Twister is an open-source micro-blogging platform that is decentralized and uses Bitcoin and BitTorrent technologies. It works well (from the years I used it ago; probably way better now).

Project site:


I never heard of it. Another bookmark to check out for the weekend break.

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Definately a keeper ;).

I tried it out, but cant make any posts because of some “ajax” related error. Did it work for you folks ?


Zeronet is a great project for decentralized websites without any central server. They also have social networking site. Look

They also have mail, reddit, video streaming site, blog etc. Everything is decentralized !

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i just installed it… im running it with docker !

its cool but
the ZeroTalk is invaded by racists… :\ tough you can mute them… !

if you are there, which stuff are you using? is there a search engine?

My user is: ajeremias
you can drop me an email there.

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Yeah, there is a search engine named zerosearch or something similar :slight_smile: I will ping you there

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I`ve read about zeronet before but never used it. My only doubt is disk space comsption if its based in torrents.

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There is a limit of 10mb per site. If it exceeds you will prompted to grant additional space. Its your choice.

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cool i will try it one day


I tried it a long time ago and it seemed to work. I should try it out once again.

I love Twister, it’s one of my favorites, although I don’t use it as much as, say, Discourse :wink:

What’s beautiful with Twister is the mix of the best of blockchains (to register names) and torrents (to distribute messages). I have several handles on Twister, but since I registered both hellekin and how before the alpha attack and chain reset–and I failed to keep the seed, I lost both of them. Duh. So if you start using Twister, do save the seed so that you can recover your accounts!

Oh, and in the meantime, Twister added WebTorrent support not so long ago, in case you wonder.

Does twister use Perfect forward secrecy over TLS 1.2 for end to end encryption ?

Most of the cryptography comes from Bitcoin. The latest version uses OpenSSL 1.1.0.

From the 2013 whitepaper:

Currently, the working twister prototype is based on an ECIS (Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme) implementation by Ladar Levison (formerly the owner of Lavabit encrypted email service) supposedly following the SECG SEC1 standard.

Sec1 v2 supports PFS. See also the related FAQ answer.

My friends made a even nicer project. that very minimal and anonymous and so on.

I tried installing it at one point, but for whatever reason it kept crashing on me.