autologout from webmail

i noticed that i get logged-out from webmail despite requesting from the settings/Security menu that Auto Logout is set to “never”. is this because the webmail server goes offline sometimes?

thanks, jacksprat

You should also select “Remeber Me” option when logging in

thanks, but i am fairly sure that i always tick “remember me” boxes when i see them [i think this must set some kind of cookie on my computer?]. i will be sure to monitor this and if it happens again i will get back to you.

Cool. If you like to stay logged in, I would suggest using some email client. IMO way better then using webmail. Depending on the operating system of your choice there is few that are interesting to look into (thunderbird, geary, evolution, k9)

i am using webmail and thunderbird for the time being. i have a machine with thunderbird setup for and my local ISP. i prefer webmail in everyday use, but email clients ensure that my messages are backed-up [i backup my whole file system with rsync->usb-drive]. i really want to stop using gmail, which has a terrible fudge to copy emails into thunderbird [using IMAP]. one thing that is different about disroot [compared to my ISP] is that both webmail and thunderbird seem to retain mirrors of all my messages.

Thats the feature of IMAP. Emails reside on the server which means in case you use it with multiple devices they dont get removed from the server and you have access to your emails from all of them. If you wish to not store emails on the server you should consider using POP3.

i had thought that i was using POP3, but made a mistake and selected IMAP by mistake! the problem with IMAP is that it continually tries to download the messages over and over, whereas POP3 doesn’t repeat downloads. with thunderbird you can tell it to leave messages on the server or play “nice” and delete them once they are safely on the client. i always end up fighting thunderbird, so i was surprised that the disroot account worked first time.