Been getting hacked by highly sophisticated group for months, need urgent help

Title. Through various tactics such as ssh connections, hackRF, rootkits, and more. The current issue is that they’ve spoofed my router so I can’t connect to it, I can only see their spoofed connection. I can see a hidden network where mine should be when I scan, but that’s it. I’ve included pics for reference. I’ve tried everything, does anyone have an idea how to disable it? They’ve blocked my access, rerouted me to various crap (e.g. when trying to register here it told me the staff was on break over the weekend and to try again Monday) and more. My computer is wrecked currently so only have my android. I’ve tried changing passwords, not broadcasting the SSID, resetting router, and more. Thanks for any help. In the pictures my wifi is supposed to be Dragon, but it’s hidden instead. Ps, I’m not positive but I believe my username with a .com suffix is one of their login portals or something from a file I recovered.

is your PC not accesible due too these hacks?
or is it just needing new parts?