best way to share files with non-members

Hi, I’m hoping to use disroot to share files with a group. This is a writing group, we want to safely share our work, and be able to comment or leave feedback. Others are not disroot members (yet!), so I’m trying to work out how this might be done.

If I just create a folder and give others the link, would they be able to download files from it? I could then upload the files myself.

I thought the Upload function might work, but I can’t figure out how to use it, especially for non-members.

I could create a circle, but I don’t know how to use these, and if non-members could participate fully.

Thoughts and advice appreciated.

There are few ways to aproach the problem.

  1. Nextcloud
    With nextcloud you can give writting permission on the public so people could create files. However you won’t have features such as collaborative editing, coments and such. Circles is a good aproach of getting group sharing/collaboration going but that means everyone needs to have disroot account.
  2. Cryptpad
    Since a while we are hosting instance of cryptpad cryptpad at This is proper collaboration software design with privacy in mind. Everyting on cryptpad is end to end encrypted, You can create documents, speardsheets, presentations, todo lists, etc. and work on the documents as a group. Additionally no user account is needed to use it. Accounts are useful if you want to premanently save and store files. Also worth mentioning is that crytpad’s user accounts are diconnected from disroot’s mail authentication system which means you do not have to comply with long onboarding process.

I personally think it’s worth trying. It’s great piece of software and, most importantly, end ot end encrypted.

Thanks Muppeth. Collaborative editing isn’t a priority at all. It’s mostly about safely uploading and downloading files. So I think Nextcloud could be the way to go for now. Is this a case of going to and creating a shared folder? Is the folder then accessible to whoever has the URL? That might be the simplest.

Yup. It could even be that you as non-disroot user could leave a comment (did not check now but something tells me it should be possible). You could password protect it if you want too.
For sure you could create a “talk” chatroom, add the folder as a project and allow non-disroot users to join. in that way you would have a chat and voip in one go.

OK, I’m not sure how to do any of those things. I’ve never created a project or a chatroom, but I’ll try and see how it works.