Bike ride anti-fracking and unconventionals! - frack m'isto!

Bicicletada Anti Fracking and unconventional!

Roll on as a Força Maior (Force Majeure)
Gas and oil ? Neither here! Not anywhere !

Viana do Castelo – Vila Real de Santo António, 13 June 2016

We seem to understand the value of oIl, Wood, minerals, and habitation, but we don’t understand the value of raw beauty, of the wild life. From thousands of years the indigenous people of the world get up to defend themselves, defend the nature. We decide to make this journey to defend ourselves, defend the Oceans, aquifers and the soil against the exploration of Fossil energy’s, that destroy everything on the way, leaving images of desert and sea, black of death. Let’s roll to share information, discuss ideas, unite strugglers, create colectiv information, create a web of action.

The biggest oil leak ever, us form a Deep Offshore in the Pacific, known as DeepWater Horizon oil spill, by British Petroleum (BP), in the gulf of Mèxico. The portuguese government announced that had made new oil concessions contracts, and that the exploration could start this year.

In Bombarral, Cadaval, Alenquer, Alcobaça, Aljezur, Tavira and Serra da Ossa, Extremoz the oil companies are studying the areas for shale gas, that need horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking.
The latest news about fracking, was about explosions of trucks from fracking wells, of trains of gas in Canadá. Earthquakes in Oklahoma and in Montiel (Albacete), in Califórnia one leak of natural gas is releasing since October more than 50.000 kg of methane for hour to the atmosfear, the equivalent of the pollution of 5 millions cows, more than 2000 people where rehoused.

The engineers can’t control their greedy experiences with the energy of the planet earth. As the tribes say: “If we took all your blood and bones inside us, how do we feel? The oil is the blood of the earth, the minerals the bones.”

We want to share and learn the knowledge of local people (indigena) of the population’s where we stop. Know the respectful energy of animals, plants, rivers and ecosystems (where we include ourselves) . Collect knowledge, energies and pass them to others, unite and create.

We apele to ours fellow rebels of the world to unite against Fracking, one of several strikes of capitalism. Destroy all! Keep everthing. Let’s resist to this ecocide, that bring in him also genocide.

This Event depend of collaboration and Mutual Aid. Will be finance by the participant’s and by those who support us on the way! We don’t Want money donations, we want participation!


*Recovering the bike as transporte
*Go to the locals where the oil industry( refineries, concessions, area where made drill’s in the pass,. etc…)
give information( flyers, stickers, meetings, debates, etc…)
*Meet and/or make known projects that support autosustentable life, free energy, animal liberation, permaculture, horizontal organization, social projects, alternative movements, etc
leave the seed for the creation of a local group against the oil works and other tips of super projects.
*Serve as a contact between people and groups that could collaborated in the future.
encouraging self recognition of the self, and to act as he/she know how, to collaborate or create is/her own group
*Speak to the maximo number of people during the journey, so that in the future one action of a group against de oil industry or a action from the government by support or not, since the North to the South of the country.
*To publicize various forms of popular resistance in Europe and in the World
*Invite people to be active and organiz a reception, giving flyers, travel 1, 10, 100, 1000 or all the km of the journey, create a local group, organizing events to call attention to the oil works
*Create a net of resistance against fossil energies, to invoke protest and solidarity actions with the struggles surround them.

What to bring:

*Good Will
*Food for 2 days (then we see)
*Sleeping bag, tent
*Parts for bicycle
*Contacts for the way ( to meet, help, eat, sleep, give a presentation
*Identification (to avoid “police cases”)
*One copy of the cycling rights
*Propaganda and information
*Horizontal organization mentality

What not to bring:

*Political propaganda, as: racist, sexist, corporative, religiose, capitalist, nationalist and xenóphobic.
*Propaganda from big NGO
*Camping -gas
*Moral superiority
*Infiltrated (journalist, cops on duty, lobbyist, informers, observers of corporations and NGOs, etc)

We would like:

*That the food where 100% vegetarian ( to call the atencion for Animal liberation, and because the animal production and the emission of methane, that already are biggest hat he CO2 in the ozone layer.
*That the food where biological
*Practice freeganism (2)
*That our clothes don’t boast brands
*That bikes don’t belong to a store, NGO, corporation, to evoit greenwashing and profitable publicity
*Local support with shows, juggling, theatre, storytellers, concerts, performance, others…
*Local actions is spots that represent the corporation that are putting money in the oil and gas exploration in Portugal
*That we go till the end…
*That the end become a beginning… of the end of fossil industry.

What do you say?

(1) FORÇA MAIOR/Force Majeure

Failure or delay by the concessionaire , of any obligation, in the all or in part, will be justifiable, if the failure ou delay are due to Force Majeure

Force Majeure represent any circumstance in reasonableness criteria, out of control of any parts (corporation or State) that stop or delay the work obliged to do in the contact of concession, even after all the measure to remove the Force Majeure, the parts can’t evoit, acts of war, earthquakes, storms, or other natural catastrophe, act of terrorism, tumult, rebellions or civil disturbances, Acts of God, explosions, fire, expropriations, nationalizations, requisition or other interferences from governmental authorities and national strikes or labor conflicts (official or not).

If the motives of “force majeure” manatin for the period of 15 days on a roll the part’s (company and Government) will meet and review the situation to arrive to the measures to take to remove the “force Majeure”.

An event that is a result of the elements of nature, as opposed to one caused by human behavior.

•If the motives of “force majeure” occurred during the initial period of prospection and research, and is effect maintain for a period of 6 month on a roll, he concessionary could in 90 days require the end of the contract, the government will review the case.


Freegans are people that consume the minimal possible of products. Support the community and Mutual aid
.the term come from the words Free and Vegan. Vegan don’t consume animal products, trying to evoit animal exploration. Believing that ina industrial economy, of mass production, all for profit, the exploitation apen in every circle since acquisition, to production to transport in the main products we buy.
Look for alternatives to not participate in a society where the food are produced thousands of km of home, industrialize, and transported for long distances to be close for a long period of time, and all of that with a high cost of energy.
The Freegans recognize the ecological and social impact of cars. We all know that cars pollute, but normally no one thing in factors as the destruction of forest for roads, where wildlife once exist, and in the death of animals and humans. Be side the unusual use of oil create economic stimuli, that bring wars.
the freevegan strategy more common is called “Dumpster Diving”. this technique consist in looking in the dumpster of shops, houses, offices, etc, for goods that can be still use, as food.
Groups as Food not Bombs do almost that and prepare them to made colectiv meals in public spaces.
Freegans recycle, do compost of organic material for fertilizer, and every time possible recovery stuff instead of take it to the dumpster and by a new one.
For freegan work is sacrificing our freedom to obey orders from others, make stress, and put in danger our physical and psychological well being