Bookmarks and News app offline

Assuming it is likely to upgrade them to current releases


Bookmarks broke when I was updating it today and news i tihnk went kaboom generally bercause it grew to crazy sizes. I am now removing all old unread news items and will look into bookmakrs right abount now.

I see. Is there any way to recover the News feeds from my account?

fwiw, The Bookmarks dev is very responsive to bug reports over on

News is gone for me, like it was not installed on my nextcloud instance. And of course all my feeds are gone, too. I’m suprised no one else is commenting this on the forums.

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News is gone for me too, of course.
I hope we will have a way to recover them (though thankfully I should have a not too old backup somewhere).

The worst thing for me was I had set the news app as the first one to load so I could not access Nextcloud anymore.
Only solution was to log in directly to here and change the app order - a solution I found here: Cannot access Disroot Cloud in browsers (though it was for a different issue).

Thats because as I posted above we do inform about this situations and updates via our status page.

Although Bookmarks app is now operational after long and tireing process, news app remains broken. We are now in the process of trying to fix it up and so as soon as there is any progress on that, we will keep the status page updated.
I advise to either check status page at manually, subscribe via emails for updates, join status chatrooms on xmpp or matrix or follow disroot account on fediverse.

@melyanna No worries, your news are not gone. Just currently disabled as they cause lots of issues and render the entire service unusable, so needs to remain closed until it is fixed.We are currently trying to find a root cause.


Thanks, that is great to hear. :slight_smile:
If I had any programming skills I’d offer some help with the debugging, but it looks like I’ll just have to sit patiently - this is not a key feature of cloud anyway, and the rest of it is perfectly usable.

It’s main reason why we rpioritised on fixing bookmarks as some people were left without backup and thus possibility to use them. With news, you can still visit your most favourite websites manually and thus read new post. It’s more annoying but possible. Hopefully we will find the main cause in next days and things will get back to normal on nextlcoud front.

Thanks for working on this. I’m now able to access (and fully backup) all of my bookmarks from the webui. Would appreciate being able to export all of my News feeds at some point and realize you are busy. Cheers!

Is there any update on a fix for the News app?

In the meantime, is it possible to export or otherwise obtain an OPML file of my feeds? That way, I can still work with them while the Nextcloud app is being fixed.


Nextcloud News seems to be back!

I have got a lot of reading to do…

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Me too!

Yes we managed to restore it on monday. There is still small hiccups but at least stuff works. Forgot to check if sate is updated.

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Has using an external program to access news been disabled?
I use newsboat and it can retrieve the list of feeds but not any contents. The link to use for external programs seems to be missing from the UI as well.

Nope. Nothing on our end has been changed so things should work as before. Dunno much about newsboat so can’t tell you whether that works but I can tell you that News app on android works as expected.

Yeah, it seems to be something wrong with newsboat (or my configuration of it), and I’d misremembered something that made me think the app on disroot had changed in a relevant way. Thank you for the response.

Ok, I’ve had a chance to look at solving my problem and after looking at the newsboat code to see the requests they make, I’ve now reproduced the problem using curl directly, and there’s possibly the same or related problem ocurring using the web interface with a browser.

So firstly, when I’m on the website, when I click on a specific feed I can only see unread articles. If I try to load a feed without any unread articles it waits 60s and then loads the page with all feeds instead.

When using the API through curl, I can also only get unread articles, with any request that would include a previously read article getting a 504 gateway timeout. This inclues trying to get all articles, despite that page working on the website.

I don’t currently have access to another instance of nextcloud news to test if this behaviour is only on disroot or not. I also don’t know if anyone else is having the same issues.

I apologise if I’ve missed something obvious or misunderstood how it’s supposed to behave.

Glad to see both apps up and operational!

I’m getting a 504 Gateway Time-Out when attempting to export Unread / Starred Articles in the News app. Exporting Subscriptions Works.


Interesting. I will have a look. :thinking: Let me make a taiga issue so I wont forget to check in 10 minutes.