Bookmarks gone?

I noticed bookmarks are gone from the cloud. Is this temporary? Any way to recover them?

hi due to issue they are disabled:

In fact we were trying to ge tin touch with you, (sent you a message on nextcloud) because it seems like you are causing the server ti crash. We dont know yet why this is happening or whats exactly causing it. Please send us an email to to pick up from there, so we can investigate what is happening, what is causing the issue and try to resolve it so that bookmakrs can be re-enabled.

It was specifically me? The only thing I can think it could be is a chrome extension to sync bookmarks with the cloud. I’ll contact you once I get home.

We are not sure, but when investigating quite often your username was popping up when the issue was triggered. Like I said we still dont know exaclty what is causing the issue. We did manage to figure out its bookmarks and thats why it was disabled for now.
We hope its rather trivial issue that can be fixed soon. No rush we’re going to work on this issue only later today (evening european time)

Ok, sent the email

Until I get an answer, is it possible to get a backup of my bookmarks?

I will be switching bookmarks back on to test whats happening.
I can surely send you the backup if the issue happens again.
Browser app does not keep bookmarks locally?

@sopis bookmarks are now back on. Lets hope it won’t crash.

Thanks. The problem is that I deleted bookmarks in another cloud thinking it wouldn’t delete my local bookmarks, but it did.
So since disroot couldn’t sync, I have them there :stuck_out_tongue:

Bookmarks are on for last 10 hours without an issue so things should be ok I suppose. You can export bookmarks via web interface to be sure you have a backup, though I think it should be fine.

Keeps giving me an error when trying to sync with Floccus, it works fine with another cloud though

I just installed FLoccus, setup my account and it just synced everything properly.

Maybe just re-setup?

What error are you getting btw?

Request timed out

Please help ! My bookmarks are gone too - no option in any menus to view them (it’s as if the feature has been removed)

It has been fixed. \o/