Browser suggestions

I am not really liking where Mozilla is taking FireFox (and pray to God they don’t mess up Thunderbird even more).

I wanted to know what browsers you guys used and specifically for those who are on Windows as on GNU/Linux I already have a clean firefox fork called Abrowser (you could use IceCat also).

For Windows all I can think of is Midori, which I am using now. Don’t suggest Chrome or Chromium (maybe I should try ungoogle-chrome - something like that.


I use ff. Tried vivaldi but its not opensource and uses the same engine as chrome. And i havent found anything even close for what firefox offers. It fits my needs perfectly.

Thunderbird as far as i know is abandoned by mozilla.

As for windows i cant say much because i dont use it for many years.

There isn’t many alternatives out there. I’m also not following the current state of afairs with mozilla. I know they are more end more working together with closed source projects as far as integration goes (pocket and all) but apart from that i haven’t hear more. @deavmi do you have some links in hand about it?

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Speaking of Thunderbird… I can’t seem to sync my TB calendar with my disroot/nextcloud calendar. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Links on Mozilla doings?

I have never trid that. CalDAV?

I personally use Firefox. It caters to all my needs and even has some great addons. The only alternative I see is Brave browser. It uses Chromium as it’s base.

Thunderbird is, as @muppeth mentioned, abandoned by Mozilla and completely in the hands of the community.


I never knew that about Thunderbird. They have screwed it up by intergrating chat. And twiiter and propreitary services.

I think I will stick to Midori then. I do still use FireFox, I was just wondering though.

Just remembered about SeaMonkey. Nothing wrong with it :slight_smile:

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Must say SeaMonkey works well. It uses gecko as well.


I’m guessing you have Lightning extension enabled, and you are selecting CalDAV as protocol when setting up a calendar to sync.

The problem with thunderbird is that you need to specify the full path to the calendar like this: of course replace username and calendar_name with your specifics.

If thats not solving it, let’s go through all the steps together. maybe that way we’ll get a tutorial done).


OMG! It worked! Turns out my user name needs capitalising.
And now I can see my tasks from my phone… online on disroot… and on thunderbird!
Hoorah! :smiley:

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Cool. We should dissallow capital letters in user creation form i think. Some apps’ autentication seem to be case sensitive.


Regarding the browser thingy, I prefer Firefox. But they removed my favorite feature - Tab Groups!
Has anyone found any browsers offering similar feature?


I use

It’s awesome, and cant imagine using normal tab system anymore. Specially that I often reach 100+ tabs.


Thanks @muppeth!

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Wow, that’s a cool addon.

for best privacy protection i use brave browser for PC and smartphone.
and iridium browser, you guys should try these 2 browsers.


You could try Pale Moon. Decent Mozilla forked browser and you can optimize it (in terms of privacy) by following something like tips or similar guides.


I think I’m late to this but I’d suggest you to stick with firefox and customise it. See for customisations.

Use it with addons like uBlockOrigin, NoScript… Follow /r/privacytoolsio and /r/privacy on reddit.

Projects like Pale Moon and Waterfox are nothing but FF with some customisations, you can do it manually. Those projects are not updated regurarly, Pale Moon is dead (I think), IceCat was recently updated.

Overall you will get updates slowly, that can be dangerous. About Brave, it is just another chromium fork with its own telemetry and sh*t included. Stay away!

FF is the best because you can do whatever you want!

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