Calendar Birthdays


New user here; loving the whole disroot thing so far but have encountered a problem which I can’t resolve myself.

I created a calendar which had contact birthdays but they were doubled up. I deleted the calendar in the hope I’d be able to re-create it with single entries. This is where I’ve become stuck.

I use DAVx5 to synce with Disroot, Thunderbird and the native android apps on my S7. There used to be a ‘contact birthdays’ tab within the DAVx5 android interface but that has since disappeared.

Any help would be appreciated although I must warn you I have very little technical knowhow :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to disroot. Yeah once you remove Birthday calendar there is no way for yo uto recreate it. However, there is a way for admins (me) to trigger the server to restore birthday calendar. All I need to know is your username to do so. You can send it over email to, send me a private message in the forum or just put it in the reply under here if you dont mind the whole world knowing your username.

Many thanks. Have sent an email to support

All working now, thanks very much :slight_smile: