Calendar not sharable (no share icon)

I recently opened a disroot account and insatlled nextcloud. I migrated my calendar there and it works just fine.

Only I have problems to share one of my calendars with other people using other calendar system. I see in the documentation that there should be a share icon next to the calendar.

I don’t have such icon and I can’t figure out how to get it. Can someone help me here?

Hi aloxe! To share a calendar with a user outside of Disroot, simply log in to the calendar and click on the box I colored green (see figure 1). Then click on the three dots and then on “Copy subscription link” (see figure 2). Now you can pass this link to your recipient who can import it into his calendar.

Cheers l3o


This is exactly what I was looking for, the “subscription link” Thanks.

Do you know if there is a way to update the documentation I was pointing to so that it is up to date?

Hi! The guide has been updated: Web interface | Howto Disroot
If you want to contribute to the guides, here you will find the indications: How-to: Contribute | Howto Disroot

cheers l3o