Calendar - start week on monday

Apparently I’m not a very flexible person (ok, I already knew this) so this whole decision to move away from google and onto disroot is quite an adventure :wink: But there are some little things that I just can’t seem to shake, and in this particular case, it’s the week starting on Sunday. Please, please tell me I’m just not paying attention when I cannot find the option in the settings to start the week on Monday? :sweat_smile:

Good question.
In fact I did not realize the calendars start from Sunday :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve checked the discussion about it here and here and it look like the start day is determined based on your location (language) you select in the Personal settings. Seems like some people (me included) don’t like this approach as it should be a simple option, though some people do have strong opinion of making it automatic.

So changing en_US to en_GB does the trick while preserving english.

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Thank you! Je bent een held!