Can I use Disroot Mail as my Primary email?

I am now using Gmail as my Primary email. Can I move to Disroot hoping that It will not go away or become abandoned?

It’s just my opinion. I take all the blame.

It’s said , it is maintained by volunteers and depends on the support of its community.

Like other secure email providers, you don’t specify your exact address in the Contact Page.

The images on your webpages are quite misleading. They mostly try to express a movement for Privacy and Security but it mostly represents some kind of riot that will stop when everything becomes normal. Instead you could show your Headquarter, Workspace, Server etc.

Hi, xuvaduva.
I guess your question focuses on something that’s been replied here:

As for the rest of your comments, well, I guess the images illustrates a stance, which is pretty clear described through differents pages and specially here:

Welcome to Disroot.

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Thanks for answering fede. Yes, you guessed right.

And the answer should have been made clear indirectly or directly on the main website unless people like me will have the same question. And the images must be more meaningful.

I really like the goals of Disroot. Lots of services offered and planned to be offered. All in one place for privacy seekers.


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Suggestions are always welcome and listen.

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