Can we have early access to CryptPad's OnlyOffice's Document and Presentation? Would support the import of .docx, .pptx, etc.

Theoretically, CryptPad allows importing .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .odt, .ods and .odp documents since version v4.12.0. They integrated the document and presentation modules of OnlyOffice!

Since the October release, you can use them by enabling the early access variable, as described in the release notes (Release 4.12.0 · xwiki-labs/cryptpad · GitHub).

Would it be possible this activate early access for Disroot? I think I and many others rely on collaborative work in Corona time, and it would be very cool to edit standard documents and presentations via Disroot.
And since this isn’t a commercial service that has to work perfectly for the heck of it, I don’t see a problem with trying early access stuff, especially when it comes to such essential stuff.

What is your opionion on that?

Some info and screenshots in the CryptPad blog: October 2021 status: A pitch and a farewell | CryptPad Blog

We are running version 4.12 already

Yes, but OnlyOffice Document and Presentation editor is optional in 4.12 and thus we don’t have it yet

To enable the use of the OnlyOffice Document and Presentation editor for everyone on your instance, edit your customize/application_config.js file to include AppConfig.enableEarlyAccess = true; .