Cannot access Disroot Cloud in browsers

In Firefox, when I log into, I’m redirected to

The same thing happens if I go to and click Cloud, or if I type in the navigation pane. It happens in both regular and private windows, on Linux and Android. Clearing cache/cookies and disabling add-ons doesn’t solve.

In Ungoogled Chromium, when I login, it just says “Logging in…” for a long time, and never redirects.

I can connect to my Cloud account with the NextCloud Android app with no issues.

Any idea what’s going on?

The problem persists and I’ve condensed the post, so here’s a bump.

Sorry for late reply.
The issue is quite simple you have selected "dashboard"to be the first app. that app essentially loads in th enew tab (previous tab should be still on the In order to change this behavious, go to and switch the order, for example put Activity app as the first one.

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That worked. That was simple. Thank you for the help.