Cannot enter subfolder in a shared folder

Hi to everyone.
In my Disroot cloud i created a shared folder with some subfolders inside. Until few days ago using the shared link other people was able to enter and crawl subfolders, but now it seems doesn’t work anymore…
Has there been any update that maybe caused this problem?


Were you the one that contaceted us about it already via email? Trying to see whether its an isolated issue or not. I will be looking at this probably tonight so will have more details to share.
If you were contacting us via email, I would rather keep to one place, so I will then close this topic and continue via email. Otherwise I will keep this subject for information and tell the other user that contacted us via email to follow it.

Hi again…
Nop, i didn’t send any email :slight_smile:
Anyway i asked a friend to try with his account and we’re experiencing the same problem.

It seems like its a bug, which thankfully is fixed with a new nextcloud released today. We just run an update and \o/ it’s fixed!

Thanks for reporting!

Great news!

Thank you too!