cannot log into tiaga after password change

Just changed my password. The only app I cannot access anymore is Tiaga. I reset the password twice but still seeing the error:

Oops, something happened…
According to our Oompa Loompas, your username/email or password are incorrect.

when I attempt to login. Using my disroot email address as my username (as that is the one I was able to use to have the password reset link sent to me)

Should work now. Please dont change your username nor your password through taiga as it will cause you to get logged out of the system. The only way to change password is via which is a central authentication portal.

We used to have username/password reset disabled on taiga but due to update this has been rolled back to defaults. I have put this as a priority for upcomming two week sprint work to have it fixed to avoid confusion.

I also see you have changed username. This will also result in not being able to login. You can only change screenname in Taiga. The moment you touch username or password on taiga itself, you will get logged without a way to get back in without out intervention.