Cannot suscribe to aliases

Hello everybody ! Proud disroot user for more than a year for my main mail account and cloud service,
I wanted today to be more active by supporting the community and donate mensually, in exchange for 3 aliases for my mail account.

    Server Error
Sorry, something went terribly wrong!

0 - Unexpected token "name" of value "forms" ("end of statement block" expected) in "@Var:Bonjour {{ form.value.username|e }}, Merci de votre contribution à!Nous apprécions vraiment votre générosité.Nous examinerons votre demande d'alias et vous répondrons dès que possible..Voici un résumé de la demande reçue:{% include ''forms/data.html.twig'' %}" at line 1.

Did anyone also got this issue ?
Anywho, if a disroot admin check this post, thank you in advance for looking into this issue.

Thank you, and stay safe !

I think this has been fixed, but if not, lease drop a line to rather then forum (things can slip our attention here).