Cant download files via Android app

I cant download files from my Android app from disroot cloud. I can do so from another owncloud server. I am guessing it may be due to the encryption, but dont know. Any ideas?

Yes, we are aware of the issue and we’ve been pulling our hair on it for some time already. Currently we had to leave the issue and focus on migrating disroot platform to new self-owned infrastructure.
Once we’re done with that we will grind that issue down.

There is already post on the forum regarding the problem.

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@human19 I just re-tested the issue after being busy with other things. Tested it with both nextcloud-beta and owncloud-beta and it seems to be working now. Could you check it?

eeeh scratch that… So much time has passed I forgot it was download that was the issue and not upload.

There is still problem downloading. :frowning:

Please follow this thread for more details.