Can't edit e-mail filters on the Webmail


Since the Webmail has migrated to Roundcube, there appears not to be an interface to edit already created mail filters. After I select settings/filters and click the actions button, there is an “edit filter group” option (perhaps the name isn’t exactly that in English), but clicking on it displays the raw sieve script, not an intuitive interface as it used to be.

It’s worth noting that, if I click “create a filter”, then the intuitive interface appears normally.

How can I modify my created filters please?

Thanks in advance,

Today I tried it again, and now, upon clicking Filters, it says “Unable to connect to the server managesieve”, and I’m still unable to edit my filter set.

the above related issue remains, and now I’ve just discovered I’m unable to even finish creating a filter. When I click to save the filter, it shows the error “Can’t connect to managesieve server”, and doesn’t save it.