Cant get message list message in webmail


On daily basis I use Thunderbird e-mail client for disroot.
Today after couple of days I logged in disroot webmail.
I saw message saying ‘Cant get message list’ for 'INBOX.
When I clicked on ‘Sent’ items it loaded the list.
Same issue in FireFox as well as in Chrome browsers.

What can be the issue?
I am connected over 100mbps very stable line.
Mailbox is less than 50% utilized.


Seems like our webmail is a bit overloaded the last days. We’re looking into it (thought the issue was fixed after yesterdays changes). We’ll keep you posted.

Just did some tweak in settings which will hopefully solve the issue. We’ll keep an eye on it (not really using webmail myself, but will try to do it for next couple of days). However, if you experience it again, please let us know.