Cant login to mail

cant login… on firefox 45.0.1

here is the errors in firebug:

using this link:

which is the redirect of

Do you have disroot account? I see here on forum you created an account using your external (not a disroot) email. I’m guessing you haven’t made disroot account so you cant access any other disroot services than forum.
follow this link: to create the account. Then you will be able to access all other services (except for diaspora).

Forum allows both login in with disroot account and creating forum specific accounts. This is due to the fact we want to give possibility to use forum and its features (mailing lists for example) to people who do not want to use disroot services (mainly email which is tight to forum account).

Cool!! Now it works!

Some comments:
After the form of the questions, on the registration, a reCaptcha from google appeared… google can track you with any service of them you login or using flash supercookie. I have both of them blocked anyway.

why recaptcha sucks?

your nice project was introduced to me by a friend. we have a collective of computers here too, i really like what you doing!

aah. I cant login in firefox… only in chromium .! because of the those errors.

@bicicletada we were asked that question before, that is why we decided to create a separate topic on this subject: