Can't use my e-mail account or other Disroot's services

I have my account activated already, since February the fourth to be exact, and I can’t log in to my e-mail account, it says “Authentication failed”, and when I tried to register to the Discourse instance it told me something similar.


Sorry for the late reply. Were you trying to login in to email with just your username (the right way) or your (the wrong way).
About Discourse, if you have a Disroot account make sure to select “Login with Disroot account” before entering your credentials.
You can check here:

Greetings, I apologize, too, for answering so late. I tried both ways, and none of them work, I am able to log in to my regular Disroot account, though, and when I am on the settings it shows me my e-mail address, as if it exists.

I would really appreciate a response since I’ve been waiting for a Disroot account for about six months now, keeping into account a previously account I tried to create and which suffered the same fate, therefore I ended up deleting it.

Please send email to and provide your username you have created.