Chat>Sign Up>502 Bad Gateway

Am I doing something wrong, or is this feature not up yet, or…?

Chat feature is implemented form the begining, and it works with your disroot account credentials. You can make use of web client on or use one of popular xmpp clients: conversations (android), pidgin, gajim (desktop linux or windows).
The Signup button leads to which let’s you create disroot account. Currently we are having small issue with it and that is why you see the error. This should be fixed in few minutes.

If you’re looking for help setting up xmpp on your device, check the howto’s under:

Ah. As usual, my timing is perfect.

Thanks for the clarification.

Its all back now :slight_smile: . I thought you already had disroot account.

Dumb question: Is there an XMPP testbot of some sort to test chat configs in the absence of a human correspondent?


You can join our chat root at and say hi.

I’m unsure how to do that in the always-confusing Pidgin, but I’ll keep trying.
[later: Got it!]