Chnage password only email

How change my email password only it. I ’ cant user in other service

changing password is done via but it affects all services. You cant change only password for email.

But, asks me for a username and password, and I have no way of accessing, I would have to create a user, however, I did what he asked me to, change the password, but my email was still the same, without having changed

Are there other way???

So you mean you lost your password?

Not really,my mail receives the messages but, after a time of blank, that’s why I want to change the password, something or someone is taking my messages

I think I dont understand anything. I would suggest to send email to where we can talk more in private to solve your issue. Also we can answer in spanish, portuguese, french, polish, dutch, hebrew, asnd italian so perhaps it would be easier to communicate.

Generally speaking to change the password you can go to login and then select change password option.

I wonder what do you refer to as 'time of blank; but if you mean a delay between someone sends you an email and you getting it, it might be related to greylisting which we use as one of the measures to prevent spam ( ). Other then that it might be you have setup an email client (for example on desktop or laptop) wrong which results in your IP being banned temporarily each time, which might give you the feeling of ‘blank time’. In any case please contact support so we can investigate whats going on and help you out.

thanks, in this moment send an email.