cloning disroot

not sure what’s the best category for this topic…

basically, i want to get a web host and clone disroot. make my own instance of everything here.

you know, open source style!

is there any way to do it?

in fact, not everything… i would change a few things, staying by removing, but that’s a second step.

reason i even want to do this, in fact, is due to my support request for getting a domain alias is on your backlog for over 2 months now.

and i thank you, because that made me decide to do my own disroot.

then, following the above thread of a couple of topics, i am pretty sure you’d also be interested in opening up your source so people can clone you!

so, how can i help for us to achieve this?

this may not mean much to you, and hopefully it won’t look like spam

but i just want to also state a bit of how much i love your work here:

and ask to review if my assessment is correct. :grin:

Hi and thanks for the thread.
I checked the link you posted but I dont understand why you claim we arent foss and why jump to conclusion there is nearly zero customer support.

All services we run ar eopen source and we link to the source code on each service page on
At this moment one of the things on the roadmap is releasing our ansible roles which will help people deploy things surely but I dont know its a good aproach for non tech savy folks

There are projects that do offer more out of the box solutions to deploy disroot like nodes such as

We do love people going their own way and dpeloying their own infrastructure. Currently due to, well 2020 and ton of things happening in our private and professional life, things are a bit slow, but we are out there to help out if you have issues deploying things. You can always reach our community chat, either via xmpp, irc, matrix, or nextcloud talk.
Though if you are a beginner and you just start your journey into self-hosting I would recommend starting with yunohost.

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thanks for engaging @muppeth! :smile:

to answer your 2 questions:

the whole site itself, to manage accounts and users, where’s that source for instance?

and i’m still waiting on my request for a custom domain, since august 30th, when i donated. and everywhere it is mentioned what you just now: that delays are expected on the backlog. but this is too much in my opinion. many emails unanswered.


i did not go to the community by any other means, though. matrix, irc, and xmpp to me are too outdated. i’ve replaced them all for delta chat and i don’t want to look back. although i do still keep telegram for now. nextcloud talk i won’t even bother to try. forums are still something i do use, perhaps i should’ve opened a topic here about this? but given the email i received (“attached” before) and my issue (“paying” for a custom domain), and that i had no rush, i never considered going anywhere else. the options didn’t seem to fit the bill.

also i did get my storage in a timely fashion, and was told to wait for the domain. so i did.

it’s not a big issues at all, but it’s also not “jumping” into anything. it was a long ride, as already pointed.

and, in my case, it didn’t need to be this hard because i’m savy enough for most things (except hands on coding, such as bug fixes pr). i could certainly clone disroot even if you don’t open it all up, given everything else you already do offer.


above all thanks for doing all this and for pointing to yunohost. never heard of it before. sounds almost exactly what i was looking for! except for the name and, probably, from the little i’ve seen so far, the core concepts alignment.

so, to be clear, right now i would still hope to join disroot team even if only to help making my own “disroot branded” node rather than yuno. perhaps i could even mix both things…

also, interesting blog post, everything makes sense, except i also never heard of ansible before. looks like very in tune with my wishes, nevertheless!

Hi there,

Thanks for your email. Due to high load both at disroot and our personal life, in coming weeks the answers to your issues might take a bit longer then usual. Please be patient. We're going to answer it as soon as possible.

Please also consider reaching out to our community if your problem isn't of a personal nature.  It might greatly improve the speed which which your question is answered. It might also help others seeking the same answers if the information and the solution is publicly available.

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1. You can check out to see if you question has been already answered, or ask there otherwise
2. Ask a question using our XMPP chat
3. Check whether your issue havent been solved on taiga

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If you want to contact us via GnuPG enabled encryption, please use email instead! We won't be answering encrypted emails sent to (unfortunatelly our ticketing system does not support gpg)

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any pointers for non beginners to start straight with a disroot node?

We use LDAP for backend and PWM for frontend.

Custom domain requests are my personal responsibility and a personal failure. Its taking long because i am in the process of redesigning it. In fact it has come to the point we have decided to close all custom requests for now until things are fixed up.
If you need to keep up with a day job, family, building a house and running disroot and helping other FLOSS projects, its not that easy to do everything on time. So yeah sometimes things do take time. One thing I want to mention and is very important. Custom domain is reward for people who donate on regular basis (something little extra) and should not be the only reason to donate. This is why unlike storage where you pay for feature monthly, is not something we feel much preasure to jump on right away. I do admit that the setup has gotten very backlogged on this one but it in any way should be only reason to donate.

I still dont understand what you mean by clonning disroot. We do not do any magic here. You can just deploy any service we use yourself just like what we did.

You dont need to use their name. its just name for their project. What it does though is a lot of work you would need to do behind the scenes. Consider this to be easy to deploy disroot node. Which is pretty much what it is. They use the same services as we do (even more) and use also ldap for authentication. So essentially its a disroot in a box. In fact, in near future we want to focus on helping out with developemnt of yunohost as its at this moment best solution for selfhosted disroot like nodes.

Yes. Yunohost!

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thanks so much for laying out everything so clearly! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

i hope i could also clear up your previous questions since i can’t see any new questions. :grin:

but just in case, i’ll be a bit redundant too:

you do a lot of magic! trust me. :joy:

deploying and maintaing all that stuff isn’t trivial.

cloning would be exactly as you said later on “disroot in a box”. and yuno it’ll be!

i also consider the name very important and relevant. disroot is a great name! it’s not “just a name”.

so the custom domain is also crucial for disrooting imho. we’ll be using, rebranding, and advising the amazing

finally, the financial plan, to make it easier for everyone, i really do think it’s possible and better to simplify and unify the extra services. i just explained all this a bit better a few days ago when remaking in case it might interest you. but i agree it’s very hard to categorize it in simple terms: what’s a service, a donation, and a group of friends doing work on the spare time. i don’t have an answer for this.

all i can say, again, is THANK YOU!

Hi @muppeth, I too, am looking at running most of the services in a self-hosted instance. Thank you for the Yunohost suggestion, as I’m setting it up now in a VM.

Perhaps it has been answered elsewhere but this topic seemed like a decent place to house the answer for others searching as well.

Do you host all of these services on 1 system? Or is it a server with virtualization(Virtualbox,VMware, docker?) going on to separate the services?

I definitely do appreciate the work on the site and it has taken the inspiration for me to setup my own. Something about controlling the hardware that my data lives on is very appealing to me.

Nice and good luck with your new adventure. Yunohost is great!

We run our infra spread across multiple servers (hardware we own) and we virtualize everything with Linux Containers (LXC). We usually run databases on seperate containers to the services

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