[Closed] Using services on mobile browser

Im having problems with web client for cloud and email services.Tried it on deafult android browser and lightning browser on mako.cloud’s client isnt rendered correctly menus are not dsplayed correcltyt and all buttons are off and cluttered.
But rainloop renders fine but cant open mails from inbox, tapping on mail just highlights it ith blue overlay,cant open and read.

muzirian thanks for reporting.

This bug was caused by xmpp client which displays on the right side of the screen. It should be fixed by now. Please check to confirm. I’ve used SailfishOS default browser and it displays things correctly now as far as the buttons go. Owncloud itself does not cut long filenames in mobile browsers causing the buttons to display underneath. I will create an issue on owncloud github page. (sometimes need to browse in landscape mode)

Rainloop currently does not offer mobile version of it’s mailclient :frowning: However using it in landscape mode solves that issue.

I would generally suggest you integrating all those services on your mobile. It is fairly simple task which makes your life much easier.

Own cloud is better now :slight_smile:
Tried landscape on rainloop, its only now im noticing the expand button, it works fine :smiley:
i use android apps for acessing those services, was just testing the webclients :stuck_out_tongue: