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Hello to all staff.
Since yesterday I’m unable to login on nextcloud server. I’m trying with the nextcloud app and by web browser at By browser I’m redirecting at address when I attempt to login. How can I login? because I need some files stored on cloud server. Thank you.

Yes, I also have problems in syncing my files with Nextcloud in Disroot. It seems that server have some kind of problem for more than 24 hours. We need to be patient

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Hello, everybody.

Same problems (login, sync): would anyone know if there is a web page where we can find information about the DISROOT servers health?

*** EDIT ***

Indeed in maintenance: I received an email on my DISROOT address…

Day before yesterday 12:55
muppeth announced “Update on nextcloud performance issue”.

Hi piteur,
you can find som information here:


Many thanks, l3o. I put the link in my favorites.

In fact, “major breakdown”, they say!

Hi all,
Yes. we are experiencing quite an issue with nextcloud, but unfortuntatelly have not found root cause yet. It is our priority at the moment, but indeed nextcloud is mostly dead slow or dead now.

Keep your fingers crossed for quick solution to popup.

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Hi all.

I don’t know if everything’s fixed, but Nextcloud synchronization went immediately this morning… Good. :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything, anyway!

Tears! Out of order again! :crying_cat_face: