Collabora CloudSuite app for owncloud

This looks like a very interesting tool to use:
There is virtual box image available to test it out.

Might be the solution for online office suite alternative.

I just run it via virtual box image here are my first impressions:

  • lotsa bugs (definitely not production ready)
  • Works slow on my workdesk (but this machine is quite slow generally. Will test it out on something more powerful to see if its any better)
  • Takes long time to initialize when entering / adding new file (might be connected to slow machine)
  • Looks nice (clean look with easy to understand interface)
  • Quite some features. It isn’t fully featured libreoffice but does the basics and seems to be doing it good
  • Collaboration: Cannot edit documents at the same time with multiple users. While one user is editing the others are in viewing mode. User needs to switch to viewing mode to enable someone else to write.
  • Can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

More info will follow. Need to compare it to etherpad and ethercalc. Anyone knows comparable presentation software out there?

What do you think about use onlyoffice instead Collabora Online?

You also can connect him with Nextcloud and it is already for production.

new version released. But I like onlyoffice too. Onlyoffice has apps