Collabora support

Hi, just wondering if there is any news on adding a collabora app to the next cloud service.

Also just wanna thank you for the amazing platform you guys put togther and the ease of signing up and getting work done! Amazing!!


Hi @Ilo

Thanks for the kind words.

As far as we know collabora still does not support file encryption which we use on nextcloud. It’s on Nextclouds roadmap but it isn’t a priority. However, I had a small chat with Jos from nextcloud during foosdem this year, where he said there might be a buisness case for it in the near future. Otherwise maybe we, as a community, should think of crowdfunding the development of this feature at some point.

Thanks @muppeth

Thats a shame. I do like using etherpad but the ease of being able to collaborate on a doc straight from the next cloud server is a big plus in many cases.
How would the crowdfunding work? What needs to happen to get the ball rolling?

Yeah I know. Collabora is an awesome tool and it’s very much missed in disroot. For now I suggest using ownpad to be able to use etherpad and ethercalc straight form nextcloud. Of course it’s not as feature rich as LibreOffice but it ain’t bad either.

The best way to start is head over to and see what the community and nextcloud devs think about it.

Great! Thanks for the info.

So if I read this right
Then the encryption has been fixed since 1.12.30?
Does this mean we can have that now?
Please correct me if I misinterpreted the meaning of what I read.

Holy damn!

I must have missed that one. Though not sure if the encryption they mention is really the nextcloud encryption. (I find it suspicious they havent announce it).

Nevertheless, we will check it out to make sure.

Thanks a lot for spotting it.

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This looks very interesting. Have you checked it out yet? :slight_smile:

Yes. just like I mentioned here collabora is very resource heavy, which means we will need to deploy a dedicated server to keep it running and serving all disrooters. This means its a cost of about 60euro a month (not including the hardware which we have). And it could be that this number could grow if the demand is high.

In coming weeks we will be deploying a test instance to see how much resources it does require in real case scenario so we have better estimates and we’ll try to find a way to support it financially. It’s a very needed feature because we want it just as much as, I guess, anyone using disroot :slight_smile: So yeah the only thing keeping us away is of course is money. Buying disroot monthly coffee brings us closer to realization of this feature.


Ok, monthly coffee coming your way from me!

That link to ownpad sends me to “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”?

P.S: the link I mentioned has been lost in the quote and this discourse on mobile doesn’t seem to have a link button on the editor. I figured markdown works for this edit

Sorry. We moved howtos to

Ahhh I see haha