Comic Geek Pullist Mails

I use a site called League Of ComicGeeks for maintaining my comic collection and receive my weekly pullist emails but i’m not able to receive them now they said disroot has blocked them.Please fix it.

What is the email address that you were getting the emails from? querying logs for does not give any results.

I see they seem to be using to send emails but I dont see in the logs form today that we block them.
Are you expecting to receive email today?

This the pullist email address
League of Comic Geeks

And i did not get my mail on 31.5.18 or 30.5.18
and 6.6.18 or 5.6.18

Thanks for the info. We dont keep logs for longer then 24h, but I will try to catch the next occurrence.

If you are in contact with them, could you ask if they perhaps have error message so that we know at least why the emails have been rejected?

They said they mailed you about this issue
Maybe you can contact them at:
Jordan Blanco

Hi i received my pull list email today.
Looks like the issue has been fixed.
Thank You