Confused on Mobile Options

Hi theres.

I was seeing if there was a mobile version to try checking some emails. Wanted to try checking both email accounts with one program, much like you would on Android with Gmail. So, after some searching, we were led to a mobile program called F-Droid. Then, found we had to install the Disroot application through that. Then, it wanted another program called K9. Stopped at that point.

Now, we have a mobile device with limited space. Do not know how many more programs it takes to get to use Disroot email mobility. Kind of like not knowing how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Wanted to know if there is just one mobile application to install directly, maybe that K9 one, or if we need to keep installing a few more. Just space was getting to low internally to keep going, so wanted to stop here and ask.

And wanted to also see that with whatever the ending result software is, if we can add our accounts to it so we can check our separate Disroot emails on the one device.

Thanks, pals.



Disroot uses standard protocols for emails (IMAP, POP3, SMTP). This
means that pretty much any email app that makes use of those protocols
will work. For example that default email app on your android device
will just work. However. We do promote alternative solutions to those
offered by big corporations and so, F-Droid is an app store (similar to
google play store) that offers only ethical and open source software.
This is why we point there and we encourage people to use that app store
rather then google play. Since listing all possible email apps would be
confusing we decided to choose one (two) apps we recommend and so K9 and
Fairemail are those we do recommend for Android as they are Open source,
ethical (do not sell you data) and feature rich including things like
encryption etc.

Check the links below. they guide you thorugh the process of installing
and configuring either K9 or FairEmail as well as provide you with
server settings you need to fill in in pretty much any other mail app
that uses IMAP/SMTP standards (default mail app form android for example).

Disroot mobile app on Android is just a helper app created by one of the
users. The idea behind it is to make it easier for people to find all
the different apps for all the services we provide. It’s not required to
have. It’s more of a wizard to guide you through setup process. Since we
do not want to have anything to do with big tech like google, we do not
offer that app on google play and instead on F-Droid which is run by
people we trust and people that just like us, fight for better, ethical
and more open internet.

That is a great explanation to mes’ Thanks you very much. I understand it all now, thank you.

Hmmm, wonder why this did not get emailed (registered with my Disroot email) over. Maybe a different question for another day. :slight_smile:

I tried that out, using K9. I got the incoming mail to work. Outgoing does not connect. I used the same method given on those pages:

  • SMTP Server is
  • Security is STARTTLS
  • Port is 587

Does not want to connect though. Am I missing any other steps?



Personally I set the following settings for smtp (which are also mentioned in the guide Clients Settings | Howto Disroot):
SMTP Server:
TLS Port: 465
Authentication: Normal Password

As username I have my “full” username (

Cheers l3o

I finally gots it to work. Thank you.