Contributing with documentation

Most of us are from Europe and other zones where english is not the native language for the majority of the people, so it’s way easier and quicker for most of us to write in our native languages. Well, can we contribute with documentataion (tutorials, howtos, etc) in our native languages, like in Wikipedia (then, if someone wants to translate our documents to other languages instead writing their own from scratch, perfect), or is obligatory to write those contributions in english?

Wow Thanks for showing your interest in helping out with howtos. Tutorials in other languages are more then welcome here. We’re about to launch this week. It will serve as a platform to provide tutorials, howtos, videos. We’ll add language support so it will be easier to add translations.

We will be using GIT to submit new howtos, translations etc so if you are familiar with git, you will most probably be very happy about it. Otherwise we are preparing a simple howto use git, plus we will also accept texts over mail or basically anywhere.

Great. I think I can contribute with some howtos for the mail and Nextcloud configuration for the KDE/Plasma desktop and its native apps. Much better if I can write in the language I am really proficient and also don’t need to change my desktop’s language for the screenshots and such.
I’ll be keeping an eye to to send some material when the site is fully operative.