Corona Virus - Implications for resistance

This is a forum to discuss our respective encounters, thoughts, and ideas about the corona virus.
Are you infected? How should we care for each others? Should we self-quarantine? Should we listen to the state? Where should we get information from? Ask your questions, share your diaries!

On the news today for Canada.
while the government has asked for any industry to switch over to medical supply production they are still in talks over copyright and patent issues that hinder new production of medal equipment.
Are there no modern open source versions? Or is the government war measures act unable to put lives over profits?

Keeping social distance and listen to the W.H.O. for facts. It seems many governments are infective or incompetent in protecting it’s citizens quickly, or they are just unwilling damage the economy…


Yep, medical goods could be open source that’d be nice. If not this, at least some of the goods used in hospitals to help people like me help and get involved in healing or supporting the sick. There is a good example in Quebec where cooperatives took on the job of making masks and other kinds of tools for the upcoming peak. Also, a call to end mortgages and rents :

If we can’t help with the hospitals, perhaps there’s a way for folks to get involved in their communities. Anyone started a local cloud to share stuff with their neighbors? Anyone starting a mesh network in their respective communities? I am currently in France (Paris), and we’re trying to organize small networks of psychological and technological support to help people to stay grounded and connected. It’s been a modest but ongoing contribution.

no modern open source versions?

YES! its exists for long enough already. But humans so ignorant… :frowning:
All you need is this:

original post: - link under pic.
ps: its really works! so take care.