Is anybody using Crytptomantor or another similar encryption program?
Does it work well with Nextcloud?

I have installed it recently for using it with Dropbox, but haven’t configured it yet.
Since I am planning to just move to Nextcloud now that I have a Disroot account, I have been wondering if it’s worth setting it up, if it works well with the service, and / or if there is any known issue I should be aware of.

Thank you!

I’m on Linux desktop, so I have been in the habit of encrypting in my local folder, before syncing with my default gpg-agent app.

Thank you.
Does it work well with you? Has it ever been a problem when, for example, restoring a backup?

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I don’t have much experience with but previously I have always encrypted my local backups to NAS and no, I’ve never had any issues [knock on wood].

I looked up the app you’re talking about, and it seems to have fair reviews - Only found one review, the other sources all seemed to be from the company.

In terms of - I don’t encrypt everything. Mainly encrypting personal files like banking information, income tax returns and associated correspondence. Pictures, I don’t bother with usually. Sometimes (when I’m motivated to do so) I scrub meta data from pictures, but not always.

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Thanks again for the suggestions.
On a side note, you are making me think I need to be a lot more tidy with my backups. :cold_sweat:
I guess I have my first point for the 2019 new year resolutions.

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I use it on iOS but saved on iCloud.
No problems so far. I think it is a great multi platform solution. Mountain duck and cyberduck are other apps from the same company as far as I know. I am sure their are better native linux tools but if you want multi platform it is great.

Accessing data feels slower than just saving it without encryption. Hope that means the encryption is strong :slight_smile:

Just try it out. You may want to keep backup copies of your cryptomator “disk” on another cloud storage.

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I only use it for a few files, I can not say if it is useable over the internet with a large “disk”

Thank you! This is very helpful! :slight_smile:
I am tidying up my files and archives, so it is a good opportunity to also start using it while I make backups.

Yes backups…

I try to automate it. I do not want to think about it or copy per hand.

I use Cryptomator for personal files I may need access to while I am not at home. You can use every cloud storage as long as the encryption is good. Just save the password handwritten somewhere, good encryption sucks if you forget the password. Thats the reason I do not use gpg keys for encrypting my files. You loose the key and have no access. You need to keep backups of your Cryptomator disk in cause of deletion or corruption. Just copy it after closing the disk to another storage location.

On iOS you can use touchid to unlock it. Works good. On macOS or linux you need to type in the password.

I only us it on 1 device at a time. Do not know what happens while writting to it with multiple devices at the same time.

For backups I can not help you. To many solutions. Just zipped up folders with password protection works well on all platforms. But only if you can choose AES as encryption. Native zip encryption already unsafe. Hope that helps.

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