Custom domain purchase in Bitcoin

Hello, I’d like to donate to Disroot to get a custom domain for my email. However, I live in Russia, where because of the sanctions Visa and MasterCard no longer support international transfers, and the donation options don’t allow UnionPay.

So I’m only able to donate using my $5 or so worth of Bitcoin that I have somewhere. I have a question though. Since Bitcoin transactions don’t have a nickname attached to them, will Disroot be able to verify that I donated to them?

Hi… Are the payment methods closed due to the Russia-Ukranie war ? :flushed: Why would they close something so important ?

Yes, they are. Visa and MasterCard officially stopped working in Russia. They still work inside of Russia since Russian banks use their own transfer system instead of the global one. But you can’t pay for anything outside of Russia unless they support UnionPay cards which still work here (but not a lot of companies support them unfortunately). And big crypto exchanges also stopped working, so the only option is to BTC somewhere at terrible rates.

Honestly, no idea why they did that. Because people who were aganst Putin already didn’t like the war, and people who supported Putin now hate the west even more and support him even more because of all the sanctions.

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I have donated ~€12 via BTC and submitted a domain linking request on 26th February.
They haven’t responded at all. I’ve sent it again on 25th March, but still nothing.
It seems they really don’t accept domain linking requests paid with Bitcoin, although they say so. Very unfortunate. They do say that there is a long waiting time, but almost 3 months is just a joke. I think I’ve been scammed.
I’ll be glad to update this comment and apologize as soon as my domain request gets approved, but I doubt it ever will.

@massivebox I ended up paying for domain linking with a non-russian bank card, but they still haven’t accepted my request either, although I sent it over a week ago

Nice timing, a bit sussy but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt.
I do apologize.
I guess they really do have long waiting times. A way to see it is that you aren’t paying for a service, you’re donating to support Disroot, and they might give you something back, at their sole discrection.

@massivebox ah, so they do still accept requests, just after a really long time. I guess I’ll keep waiting then.

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