Custom Email Domain for a newbie

Hi All,

I’ve just started with disroot, as I transition off google/microsoft products for privacy reasons. I’m a little confused about setting up a custom email domain though, and was hoping someone could enlighten me- for a new person like me it can all be a little confusing!

Say I want to get the email
I’d like to be able to use it on my phone (K9 mail) and desktop (Thunderbird). I would like to set all my clients up to connect to servers.
I want my mail to remain private.

From what I understand I will be able to use my nextcloud server to host my emails. So my question is, will the following process work:

  1. Register a domain with a domain register, ensuring WHOIS privacy (also suggestions for a registrars please!)
  2. Follow the steps in the domain linking help page and request the alias
  3. Follow the steps in the setup email alias howto to be able to use this email in one’s various clients

Thanks for any help people can provide! I’m especially torn about which registrar to go with, so any suggestions there would be of great assistance.


I’m not sure what are you actually ask for. The process you mentioned will work i fthats your question. You get a domainname, you need to edit some dns records as mentioned in the link you provided. Once thats done, we will proceed setting it up on our side, and thne you can use your own domain name with disroot email service.

As for registrar i would suggest They run 100% green energy and provide option to mask whois details.

Great, thank you for confirming.