Dark theme?

Hi There.

I am new at Disroot, I wanted to move away from MS mail, and I feel like this is a nice place.

I want to say thanks for creating this space of tranquility.

I have one question thou, I cannot find an option in the forum for a ‘dark theme’ or something like that, is there one?.


Hola, Alejandro. Bienvenido.
Por ahora, no hay ninguna opción para cambiar el tema.


oky doky :slight_smile:

as @Fede said there is no dark theme on current webmail. That said very soon we will be switching to new webmail where you will be able to choose theme (also dark)


Sorry, I meant a dark theme for this forum, not the mail service, that one does have some nice themes.

Currently you can select number of themes. Got to Hamburger menu on top right, and in the popup menu you have theme selector section. There you can change some themes. We will be adding more and customize some as well. Not sure there are dark themes to choose from, but we should add them in few days.

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I went thru all the options to see what was available and found a dark mode;


Edit: How do I mark this as solved?