Degraded performance and long lag connecting to Disroot


For the past couple of days, the quality of my connection to Disroot has degraded considerably.

There are two major symptoms. One is that creating and editing events via CalDAV has a huge lag when doing so from my Thunderbird client, for example after I create an event in Thunderbird, it takes up to a minute for the event to show up. Another one is that when using the Deck Kanban app in the Nextcloud instance, editing and moving items have an up to 10 second lag time!

I don’t think it’s something wrong on my end, and I’ve tried connecting from different places with different Internet connections.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks!

Hi. We are aware of this and have reported it:

plus on XMPP Chat where you can directly also tlak to us and others hanging out.

We are working constantly to find the root cause of this

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I’ve also made a small blog post just to cover all places we share news.

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Thank you for the update. TBH I only check the blog so didn’t know that this issue has already been posted elsewhere, thanks for reminding me about the other channels.

Good luck finding and fixing the problem, and thank you for keeping Disroot running.

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It’s actually our mistake for not posting on the blog too. BTW. If you are android user you could install our android helper app from fdroid ( which sends notification automatically when we post anything to

which sends notification automatically when we post anything to

Wow, thanks nice to know :slight_smile:

Btw. Hello everyone. Have nice time :slight_smile:

It’s almost a week now with degraded performance :cry:.

Anybody can share a guess when things are going to get better?


Hi, avalx. No, we can’t. Muppeth is doing his best to find a solution, but he’ll need Nextcloud developers’ help. So, for now, we can’t even speculate about it, because if we say “a week” and that not happens we would be rising false expectations.

OK, I guess we’ll just have to be patient. Thanks for your efforts though! :+1:

Yeah. I’m realyl sorry for this situation and I feel your pain (I’m nextcloud addict too). It’s not easy when you need to rely on help of others that have also a lot of other issues to deal with. Additionally it seems like it is a very specific case (found only handful of servers affected by it) and in order to get the nextcloud devs to treat this problem with priority some very big, important and influential instance would have to come by which unfortunatelly has not happen yet :frowning:

I have some things I still want to try out to help diagnose and find the root casue which if successful, should speed up the fixing process.


Thank you @muppeth! Everyone really appreciate you and the team’s huge efforts! :clap:

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Btw. As probably you all noticed, the issue has been resolved this weekend and things are working smooth as usual. It’s a rather workaround then permanent fix but the root cause has been identified. Now we can focus on more testing (in isolated environment) and help Nextcloud devs find proper solution, but we are not so much under the preasure of things not working for disrooters. \o/


Awesome, thank you!! :relieved: