Deltachat on disroot

Hello! I am very new to your platform but I already love it. I was planning to use my disroot email exclusively for so I can use it to talk to friends. I heard there’s some sort of limit though. Is that true? I read you were thinking of making a special domain for users or something.

Thanks for your words.
For the moment, the procedure to enable email account for DeltaChat use is to write an email to support requesting it.
We were working on some ideas about DeltaChat, one of them is to have a specific domain, yes.

Okay! Thank you, I will do that. :slight_smile:

Did anything ever happen with this? My boyfriend would want to use it as well.

At the moment not much have changed but we are planning to try and do something about it before the year ends. up until then you can just request to be whitelisted just like what @Fede said above.