Difference between Riot-desktop and Riot-web?

Was testing Riot-desktop app here, and noticed a difference with Riot-web in the browser.
See here, desktop app :

Web app :

Does this mean that the desktop app cannot do bridging, or am I missing something ?

Good morning @yellowfrog

They all do federate with eachother as long as you are connected to server that does federation. So no worries.

The differecence you see there is because riot-desktop is not the same instance then riot-web on disroot server. We’ve put chat.weho.st in the address field manually on riot-web. Because they are our friends. We will add more servers like that in the near future. This is purely for convenience of people using riot-web as we can modify riot-web since we have access to the source code. Doing the same for riot-desktop would mean we “disroot mainatainers” would have to modify and maintain packages for riot-desktop and mobile to add those changes. This won’t happen for obvious reasons.

The situation isn’t ideal and developers of riot are aware of it. There should be better room discovery system so that you don’t need to know server address nor have difference depending on riot client you use.

The bottom line is that matrix does federate with all servers, despite differences in roon directory window. You can view any public room of any server if you enter it’s url in the field.

Thanks muppeth, now it is all clear to me. Thanks for including the room directories bonus via Riot-web, very handy ! :slight_smile: