Differences between disroot and sandstorm.io

In which case would you choose to use disroot or sandstorm for your team, project or community? Is the main difference lying in the potential of decentralization and distributed network of disroot?


Main difference between disroot and sandstorm is that sandstorm runs individual instance of each application for each user, while disroot runs on shared infrastructure.

Thanks muppeth, and what are the pros and cons of this?

hmmmm it’s hard to say as it depends on your use case.

Disroot offers bunch of services as a platform. Most of the services are federated meaning they can communicate with other service providers or seflhosted instances. It’s shared environment, so all users share the resources and are hosted on the same instance (nextcloud for example). There is no need for users to setup any of the services or maintain them as this is done by disroot admins. It’s pretty much like http://framasot.org or http://google.

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