Discord w outside contact

The Disroot forum link sends me to the Discord login, which does not work. It ignores my username/password, then prompts me to login via Disroot. What is the redundant step for, and why? Does my Distalk account have two separate login routes?

A contact in an outside group(s) asked to contact me on Discord. We have some one-to-one discussion to do and maybe later to discuss in some groups (outside groups, and I’m not sure if they are on Disroot and Distalk). Can I chat direct with an outsider using my Distalk account? Even if technically possible, is it best to use a completely separate Discord account unless or until a contact wants to join Disroot and Distalk?

I guess your reference to discord is just a typo there :stuck_out_tongue: Discord is totally separate project, run by a company for profit and has nothing to do with disroot.

As mentioned in: https://howto.disroot.org/en/forum/basic-usage The forum provides two type of authentication possibilities. With disroot account (so the same one that allows you to login to email, chat, cloud etc) and separate forum only account (for those that want to only use the forum).
This has been done for a good reason. We are hosting number of private groups on the forum which work similar to old fashion mailing lists. People on those groups of course prefer to use their primary email and want to use only the forum / mailinglist fuction (for example a social center collective organizing their place via the forum). Forcing users to create disroot account, forward the emails to their primary email address is way to cumbersome and makes little sense.

Distalk is just a forum. One has to have an account to interact with other users, and yes it does support private messeging but it is not meant for that. You’re better of just using email, chat such as xmpp or matrix, diaspora etc.

Editing: Distalk is hosted at Discourse, not Discord. (I’m not Dissing you.)

There’s no point in logging in with a Disroot email address, right? It would just link the same username/account? Do people use multiple Distalk accounts (Disroot and other addresses) for different forums?

Thank you.