Dishub 504 Error

Would anyone be aware of the 504 notice when trying to connect?

Yes. We are. Its donw for last two days. :frowning: DIdnt have time nor energy to look into it. It just keeps on failing on us (good its not a publicly announced service and still in testing). Hopefully this evening we’ll try to revive it.

Ok. Phew! I wasn’t sure.

That’s good it’s still in testing. I would guess that what I’m doing is user testing. (?) Works great from what I’ve been doing.

I had started up on it months ago and then just ended up not using it, at all. I just got back into it, cleared out a couple of profiles and restarting one. The ActivityPub piece is working great. I’m learning more about how it works with Mastodon. I believe what I’m looking for is the ability to crosspost onto Mastodon and that something on its end would need to be set or something. But, I can crosspost from there to Hubzilla without issue from my view, at least. I have it so it posts into my fed and into the public timeline.

Oh, right, it’s down right now. Forgot to mention that. I can’t even guess what the cause of the failures could be. The user experience is quite good aside from being a hair slow. But, I’m also using a VPN, so that might be contributing to my experience being a hair slow.

I very much like the “not quite so dark” darker theme selection. It’s perfect for my eyes and preference!

In general, Dishub is coming along great. I will be very happy when the time comes I can invite my family and friends to join up on it.

Out of my morbid curiosity, would there be some kind of published project timeline or expected project completion date, by chance?

From my perspective, Dishub is a great service and would only need the uptime stability and a possible performance increase (should my speed issue be due to my VPN connection).

Very good job kudos to everyone involved in the project.