Disroot annihilation

Is there a threat of annihilation for disroot.org? If yes, how can be collaborate and fight back? If no, how can you be so sure?

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This has kind of been answered already: Will disroot last?. Unless you mean whether someone is directly targeting Disroot to take it down? If so, I don’t think so but you’ll have to ask the admins.


Hi, there. Could you explain a bit more, please?

Hypothetically, say Google got jealous about the open project and somehow corporate managed to strong hand this project using some political or technological influence.

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@The_Shenanigan No worries. I dont think we will ever become a threat to any of the tech giants. Not as disroot. Perhaps as a network of independent federated service providers. But if that moment comes, it will be very hard to fight decentralized networks run by thousands of individuals that can spin new instances at any given moment :slight_smile:

Our goal is not become “better” google, but change the way we see and use service providers. Our ultimate goal is to become obsoleete when there is so many providers to choose from, or when anyone can easily become his own provider, that entity like ours will just be a relict of the past.